INFOCUS Envision 2021

INFOCUS Envision is the premier conference for JDE users and your chance to explore hot topics like user experience, digital transformation, automation, and cloud migration. Frankly, we love this stuff. If you missed the show or simply want to experience the magic of the moment again, reach out any time.      

Transforming HCM 

Cost and productivity challenges lurk in every corner of the enterprise—including HR. Hear how our customers are meeting them head on with user-friendly apps designed for mobile and desktop. Eric Poff will share JDE HCM solutions, powered by orchestration, that improve employee experience and eliminate paper.

Data Lake: 3 reasons to dive in

Your most valuable insights are drifting in the depths of unstructured data. Data lakes are the core of modern analytics.
Explore three compelling reasons to dive right in.

Using Orchestrations for barcode scanning

Barcode scanning, built on orchestration, performs more economically than classic solutions.
See how we build workflows that improve material handling and save time.

EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Tech Tips

Frank Jordan's popular deep dive into JDE Orchestrator is back for the third year running. Walk through Orchestration/AIS architecture as it relates to prototyping, production, and implementation. Pick up gotchas and troubleshooting tips for orchestration, AIS and JAS.

E1 9.2 Upgrade from the Technology Side

Prepare your organization for a smooth JDE upgrade and leverage the benefits of continuous adoption. This session explores the various releases and your options for on-premise, hosted or cloud-based solutions.

EnterpriseOne Server Manager Tips and Tricks

Expand your EnterpriseOne CNC prowess when you apply lessons learned from more than 20 years of Server Manager experience. Our Director of Technology, Frank Jordan, will share best practices for architecting, provisioning, monitoring, alerting and managing E1 instances. Bonus: learn how to use the Server Manager REST API from an E1 Page.

Tri-state RUG

ERP Suites is a frequent presenter at JD Edwards INFOCUS and throughout the JDE community. Contact us to bring a technical deep dive or digital transformation session to your team too.

Meet our presenters


Frank Jordan

Frank Jordan is a CNC technology consultant with over 300 customer engagements. His work with Orchestrator has earned ERP Suites three JD Edwards Distinguished Partner Awards for digital innovation. He is also the co-author of Advanced Tuning for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Implementations.


Tom Liptak

Tom Liptak is an Advisory Practice consultant at ERP Suites and our foremost JDE Orchestrator trainer. Creative, agile, and fluent in many tech languages, he helps customers get the most from their enterprise software. He excels in translating business needs into action and refining processes for ease and efficiency.


Eric Poff

As an ERP Suites Advisory Practice Director, Eric Poff sits on the leading edge of digital technology. Customers lean on him to drive meaningful process improvement with measurable results. His product development and work with Orchestrator have earned ERP Suites several JD Edwards Distinguished Partner Awards. 


Paul Shearer

ERP Suites Executive Director, Paul Shearer, has earned a reputation for deep technical knowledge, creativity, and vision. Paul is a familiar face on the JD Edwards conference circuit, often sharing the stage with Oracle to untangle the myths and complexities of cloud migration.

speaker headshots4

Marc Zinck

Marc Zinck is a certified number cruncher (CPA) with a 20-year penchant for ERP. Neither technical difficulty nor aggressive financial targets scare him. As an ERP Suites Advisory Practice Director, Mark investigates, ideates, and integrates emerging technologies to build holistic business cases.

In case you missed it

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Digital transformation 

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