Elevate Your Future: Embrace Infinite Possibilities with AI and JDE at ERP Suites

ERP Suites is Your Partner in Unleashing the Power of AI for JD Edwards Excellence.

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AI and JD Edwards 

The future with AI and JDE has countless possibilities, and we are here to guide you through this transformative journey. At ERP Suites we have been assisting customers in integrating AI into their JD Edwards system, providing customers with a strategic edge. From streamlining operations to enhancing decision-making, our solutions leverage the power of AI to navigate complex business challenges.

What Can AI Do For You?


Power Analytics 

The strength of AI within JD Edwards lies in its capacity to analyze historical data, recognize patterns, and deliver real-time insights.

Streamline Operations

AI can help you streamline your financials. It can rapidly analyzes data, organizes entries, and presents them for human review and approval.

Automate Sales Order Entry

AI can automate 95% of your sales order entry process. It's Integrated seamlessly with JDE, and not only inputs data but also recognizes out-of-stock situations and proposes substitutes.

Schedule Your AI Workshop

Join us for our AI workshop where we will assist you in brainstorming ideas where AI, Generative AI, and Predictive Analytics can help your business.