Unable to link a JDE account

Several factors can prevent you from linking your JDE account to Mobility. Contact your administrator to help diagnose and resolve the issue.

Wrong user ID and password

Your Mobility password only allows you to log in to the application. To link to JDE, you need to enter your JDE credentials. 

User: Make sure you are entering your JDE user ID and password when linking.

Cached credentials haven't updated

If you recently changed your JDE password, it may be necessary to remove the cached credentials within Mobility.

Administrator: Log in to the Mobility web app and select Users. Then click the edit icon to remove the JDE link.

Force Immediate Password Change is set

If your JDE administrator enabled the Force Immediate Password Change option when resetting your JDE password, Mobility will prompt you to change it.

User: Log in to the JDE web app and reset your password. Then try to link your account in Mobility using these new credentials.

Invalid data connection

If your Mobility account is not set to the default data connection or if the Server:Port of the default has changed, you will not be able to link your JDE account.

Administrator: Log in to the Mobility web app and select Data Connections to update properties.

JDE account is locked

If your JDE account is in a disabled/locked-out state, you will not be able to link to JDE.

Administrator: Check the user status code in JDE with the P98OWSEC application.