Reinstalling/Updating the Clarity Collector

Reinstall the Collector to accept significant Clarity enhancements. Follow these steps to enjoy the full benefit of continuous innovation.

First, uninstall the old collector package 

Please follow the uninstall documentation below before reinstalling the collector

Then, find your installation location.

Click Settings in the left sidebar and select Collector. You can find the Install Location in the Overview section.  

Install Location-1

Next, download the collector package. 

  1. Go to the install location on your system and locate the ERPSuites folder.
  2. Download the collector package and right-click to extract it into this folder.

Next, Input the Authentication Code. 

  1. Locate the auth.ini file inside the clarity subfolder.
    Auth file
  2. Go to the Clarity website and under Settings - Collector locate your unique authentication code.
    Graabing full auth code for Clarity
  3. Copy and Paste the Authentication Code into the Auth.ini file and then Save
    Copy and Paste the Auth Code

Finally, install Clarity Services. 

  1. Locate the e1n_collector.exe file inside the clarity subfolder. Right-click and Run as Administrator.
  2. When prompted “Do you want to retrieve and store server data?,” answer N and press Enter.

    N to retrieve Server information
  3. When prompted “Do you want to run User Analytic Setup?,” answer N and press Enter.

    N for installing Analytics

    The result should look something like this:

    Result of installing the services
  4. Open Services and check that the ERPS_Collector and ERPS_Watcher are running.