Company thresholds

Thresholds are maximum limits—defined on a per metric basis—that apply to all users within your organization. They are the foundation for alerts (green/yellow/red) throughout Clarity.

  • Green means a metric is well below the threshold. 
  • Yellow means a metric is within 75% of the threshold.
  • Red means a metric is greater than or equal to the threshold.

How to change your company thresholds

Company thresholds are set by default in Clarity based on the recommendation of our experienced CNC team. But they can be changed to meet the unique standards of your operation. If you are a Clarity admin, call 877-884-6526 or email us at to set new maximums.

How to personalize thresholds by user

Only Clarity admins can authorize changes to company thresholds. But individual users can monitor metrics based on their own standards by subscribing to alerts. Then, Clarity will send an email notification whenever a number exceeds your personal threshold.