Supply chains have been disrupted by the pandemic, natural disasters, and other recent crises. As a result, business leaders have had to rethink standard practices and address today’s challenges via new approaches. In the webinar below, Manuel Neyra and John Denman of ERP Suites and AJ Schifano, product manager of JD Edwards, discuss some of the latest updates including:

  • JD Edwards mobile strategy
  • Orchestrator overview
  • Recent Orchestrator enhancements
  • Scanability overview (at 17:40)
  • Scanability demo (at 31:08)
  • Implementation and pricing

Manuel Neyra
Vice President, Products & Advisory

Manuel Neyra has presented at 20 combined Collaborate and INFOCUS conferences, 10 Oracle OpenWorld events, and numerous regional user groups across the globe. Manuel brings wisdom and perspective gained over a 26-year career with Oracle.

Watch Benefits of Orchestration-Based Barcode Scanning and Product Demo

Scanability Implementation and Pricing Questions

Because Orchestrations is at the core of the Scanability solution, we're not building things from scratch. You can leverage the business flows and processes that you've configured and defined within your JDE system, saving you time and money on implementation. We've simplified implementation with:

  • 25+ core workflows with 100s of variations
  • Quick custom workflows from standard workflows
  • Integration with any 3rd party application
  • No need for additional servers
  • Subscription-based pricing allows for more devices and users

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