Unable to log in (Mobility)

Contact your administrator if you've forgotten your Mobility credentials or need help logging in.

Wrong user ID and password

If you are having trouble logging in to Mobility, you may be entering the wrong username or password. Contact your administrator to verify your Mobility user ID. Your administrator can't view user passwords, but they can reset your password. 

Administrator: Log in to the Mobility web app and select Users. Then click the Edit icon in the Users table to view User Details and Change Password.

Invalid data connection

If your Mobility account isn't set to the default data connection or if the Server:Port of the default has changed, you won't be able to log in.

Administrator: Log in to the Mobility web app and select Data Connections to verify the default data connection or edit properties if the Server:Port has changed. 

Default data connection

Then, go to the Users page to make sure the user is assigned to the right connection.

Select data connection