Setting Maintenance Windows in Clarity

False alarms can occur if your thresholds are hit during routine maintenance. Activate Maintenance Windows to silence alerts—and unnecessary notifications—during known system down times.

Setting Maintenance Windows 

  1. Go to Settings in the left sidebar and select Maintenance Windows

    Go to Maintanance Windows-1
  2. Click the button to Create a Maintenance Window
  3. Complete the date and time fields in the pop-up window. Remember to enter your time in 24-hour (military) format.  Entering Start Date

  4. Check the Recurring box to set a Maintenance Window that repeats daily, weekly, or biweekly. You can also enter a custom number of days.
    Recurring box

  5. Click Create to activate.

Updating Maintenance Windows 

Click the Pencil icon to update a Maintenance Window or click the Active box to turn a window off temporarily. 

Updating Maintancnce Windows

Deleting Maintenance Windows 

Click the Trash icon to remove a Maintenance Window. Then, click Yes in the pop-up window to confirm deletion. 

Deleting the Maintanence Window