Finding your slowest applications

Slow applications can hinder the overall performance of your JDE environment. Follow these steps to pinpoint the slowest apps in your system.

The Clarity Reports module provides a look back at the slowest applications over the past month. Meanwhile, you can see how applications performed in the past hour or day inside Analytics.   
  • Click Analytics in the left sidebar and go to the Page Views tab.
  • Then, click the Page Load Time column header to sort applications by the highest time.
  • You can also use the search field to check on a specific application.
  • Select CSV or PDF to download a copy of the data.

Resolve slow applications

There are a couple of steps you can take to figure out why an application is running slow.

  • First, search My Oracle Support for performance or memory ESUs.
  • Next, run a debug log on the slow application.
  • Then, use JDE Performance Workbench to analyze the log in depth.

Download a Slowest Application Report

Clarity also helps you share slowest application data with your developers when you suspect a code issue.

  • Click Reports in the left sidebar.
  • Click Slowest Applications Report to download a csv.

clarity reports