How to resolve a KNT000086 alert

The KNT000086 subscription typically sends an email alert when there is a duplicate job number in the F986110 table. There are several reasons this may occur.


Sample Clarity email alerts_KNTcopy

KNT000086 alerts are often associated with JDB_InsertTable Failed for F986110.

  1. A UBE kernel may be unable to pull a job number from the server map table, F986110.
  2. The next job number in F986111 may already exist in F986110.
  3. The next number may be out of sync with one in F986110.
  4. Or, the next number may overlap one in F986110.

Whatever the cause, the solution is the same:

  1. Search WSJ (work submitted job) for the record with the highest job number.
  2. Increase this number by one.
  3. Update the record in the server map table for the Enterprise Server in question.