Installing Clarity user analytics

Clarity relies on a central collector to gather and process metric data. Learn the steps to ensure a secure and successful installation of the user analytics component.

Step 1: Verify permissions

In order to install User Analytics, the account must have permission to write a couple of lines of code to the webgui.js file on all production web servers. The code includes a URL that calls the Analytics JavaScript file whenever a user loads the page. This enables Clarity to capture session information such as username, JDE application, page load time, and more.  

Step 2: Install user analytics

Once permissions are verified, your Clarity Implementation Team will walk you through the steps to install user analytics:
  • Go to the ERPSuites folder where you extracted the clarity collector package. (D:)
  • Navigate into the clarity folder 
  • Find the e1n_collector and right-click to Run as Administrator.
  • When prompted “Do you want to retrieve and store server data?,” answer Y and press Enter.
  • When prompted “Do you want to run User Analytic Setup?,” answer Y and press Enter.
  • Then, a list of servers will populate. When prompted “Please enter a number,” type the number(s) of the server(s) where you want to install user analytics. Separate these numbers by commas and then press Enter.
  • Finally, enter the domain, username, and password when prompted for credentials.  An "Addition was found!" message confirms your selection(s) was successfully updated.