How to resolve an ODB0000162 alert

The ODB0000162 subscription typically sends an email alert when a process loses database connectivity. Follow these steps to make sure your database is operational and JD Edwards can connect to it.

ODB0000162 alerts are often associated with Connection lost during earlier operation. In other words, a previous process lost connection to the data source or database. Most often, an ODB0000162 alert means kernels on the Enterprise Server lost their database connection.

Follow these steps to restore connectivity:

  1. Clarity email alerts include the type of log parse metric, the number of occurrences and the instance involved. Use this information to log in to Server Manager and navigate to the correct E1 Enterprise Server instance. 

    Sample Clarity email alerts_ODB0000162
  2. Locate the log phrase at issue and look for a Connection has been re-established phrase following soon after. This ensures a connection has been made to the database again.
  3. To verify the connection successfully re-established, log in to JDE and test E1 by pulling data back and submitting jobs.
  4. If you experience issues logging in, running jobs or pulling back data then the connection was not re-established.
  5. In this case, restart E1 to re-establish a successful connection to the database.