How to resolve a STUCK alert

Clarity typically sends STUCK alerts when a long-running process locks up. Resolve STUCK threads quickly to ensure system performance.

STUCK threads cause a back up in the system as processes build up in the queue. This can crash a JAS instance and impact user accessibility. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Clarity email alerts include the type of log parse metric, the number of occurrences and the web instance involved. Use this information to log in to Server Manager and locate the correct web instance.  
    Sample Clarity email alerts_stuck copy
  2. Sometimes a STUCK thread fixes itself. Look for a “Thread has become unstuck” message in the WebLogic logs.
  3. If not already unstuck, the quickest remedy is to restart the affected JAS instance. 

Stuck thread max time

StuckThreadMaxTime is a parameter set within the WebLogic Administration Console. The setting determines how long a thread must be continually working before the server diagnoses it as being stuck. STUCK phrases and StuckThreadMaxTime are tied to the same Clarity alert.