Enabling Identity Management

ERP Suites Mobility with Identity Management offers an even more streamlined and secure experience.

To enable Identity Management, current Mobility customers can submit a ticket. It’s a collaborative process with most of the steps on the ERP Suites administration side.

Read on to learn more about our newest feature.  

How is this different than my current Mobility account?

Like many mobile applications, access to ERP Suites Mobility begins with registering a new user account. It requires a client token, or key, to unlock your company’s custom apps. And the user must link to their JDE account. These steps vanish with Identity Management.

Mobility with Identity Management works with an authentication provider. First, the new or returning user logs in with their JDE Long User ID. Then, Mobility looks at their domain to determine if they’re an Identity Management customer. If so, the user is routed to the authentication provider and prompted to enter their JDE password. It sounds complex, but it all happens in seconds.