Editing server properties

Go to the Servers icon on the Scanability web-based administration console to modify your AIS server properties.

  • Click the Servers icon on the Scanability web console.
  • Click the Edit icon in the Servers table to view Server Details.

    Scanability server details-1
  • From this pop-up window you can change your AIS server URL. Remember, the address must be entered as a fully qualified URL including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http/https), domain name, and port.
  • Edit the Description of your AIS server. Use this field to specify the environment, making it easier to identify in the Scanability mobile app.
  • Change the Default status of the server. Keep in mind only one server can be set as the default. Changing this value to Yes will automatically set all other servers to No.
  • Change the Status to Active or Disabled. Disabled servers aren't available in the Scanability app.