Editing workflow properties and security

A Scanability workflow represents your complete business process and executes JDE orchestrations in the order you define. An admin can edit properties from the Scanability web console.

Edit flow properties

  1. Select the Flows icon from the Scanability web-based administration console.
  2. Then, click the Edit icon in the Flows table to view flow details.

    scanability flow details
  3. Here you can revise the name or change status to disable the flow and remove it from the Scanability app.
  4. The Display Icon feature is under development. It will enable you to match your flow to an icon in our library. Please contact Product Support to modify a display icon.
  5. Click the source code icon to modify JSON instructions. Or click the flowchart icon for a visual guide to the workflow steps.  

    Edit flow security

    • Click the lock icon in the Security column to view the users who have access to the flow. 
    • Select a user from the Add Security drop-down menu to grant access to the flow.
    • To remove user access, click the trash icon.