Branding your Mobility application

Select the Configuration icon on the Mobility web app to brand your user experience.

The Logo Settings table includes options to set a mobile dashboard appearance that aligns with your corporate brand. 

Add a new brand theme

  1. In the Add row, create a name for your new brand theme. 
  2. Type the Hex number of your primary brand color in the Color Scheme field.
  3. Then, click the Image File icon to upload your logo.
    (Vector (ai, eps) or transparent png files are preferred. 150 dpi or larger.)
  4. Click the plus icon to add your theme.

Configuration table mobility-1
Note: By default new users are assigned to the first theme listed in Logo Settings.

    Change your brand elements

    • To view the logo associated with a theme, click the image icon in the Image File column.  
    • You can upload a new logo by clicking the upload icon in the Image File column. Or, edit your Hex color by typing in the Color Scheme field. 
    • Click the disk icon to save your changes.