Adding a new server

Go to the Servers icon on the Scanability web-based administration console to specify the location of a new AIS server.

  • Click the Servers icon on the Scanability web console.
  • Then, click the plus icon above the Servers table to add a new server.

    Scanability servers table
  • Enter the AIS server URL. The address must be a fully qualified URL including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http/https), domain name, and port.
  • Enter a Description for your AIS server. Use this field to specify the environment, making it easier to identify when using the Scanability app.
  • Select the Default status of the server. Only one server can be set as the default. Changing this value to Yes will automatically set all other servers to No.
  • Set the Status of the server to Active. Disabled servers aren't available in the Scanability app.
  • Click the Save button to add the new server.