Complimentary Cloud Readiness Assessment

There are many reasons to migrate your workload to the cloud. Once you've found yours, what's next? A cloud readiness assessment is a process for evaluating your business applications, infrastructure, data, and resources. It's less about "how to move," and more about "can you move," and do the economics make sense for your business.

Is it the right time to make your move?
Let's find out.

An ERP Suites Cloud Advisor will assess your environment and frame up your best cloud options. They'll provide high-level cost estimates too. Get the information you need to decide if cloud migration is right for your business model. 


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Step 2: Build a cloud migration strategy 

Recreating your on-premise environment in the cloud does just that. It can create new liabilities, and likely won't deliver the added value you set out to achieve. Our cloud advisors contribute detailed analysis to build a migration plan that meets your objectives while helping you avoid costly mistakes.

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Step 3: Migrate your enterprise applications 

Intense collaboration is the surest path to a smooth migration. That comes with years of shared experience. Our DevOps team brings the collective expertise to manage your complex applications and limit business disruptions.

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Step 4: Modernize with increased capabilities

Businesses in the cloud are best positioned for digital transformation. Work with our Advisory Practice to understand features, envision possibilities, and deliver results. We've helped customers leverage orchestrations, automate processes, develop mobile apps and more.

4-Part Webinar Series

See the benefits of today’s leading cloud providers through the eyes of JD Edwards.

Update: AWS X2 Instance Family

Paul Shearer is back to update you on a new instance option from AWS. This option may increase your bandwidth without increasing your Oracle processor licensing.

ERP Suites cloud advisors are certified and experienced across multiple platforms.
Learn more about our full range of cloud services including support for AWS, Azure and OCI.